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Vikki Chu


"I was born in Boston and raised in New Jersey. I studied painting at Tyler School of Art and illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University. I love my job as a freelance illustrator."

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Matt Wentworth


Matt Wentworth has been drawing his entire life and has wanted to be an artist for as long as he can remember. He specializes in pen and ink artwork and plans to illustrate books for children someday. He lives in Georgia.

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Teressa Ong


"I grew up in Singapore, I'm a socially awkward person and currently an animation student. I have been drawing/doodling since the age of 6, never went to art school until I took animation in pre-university (or as we call it here, polytechnic). It made me happy when people smile after seeing my illustrations and also mostly I thought it was really cool. I like to try new mediums or ways of creating so besides drawing, I very much enjoy sewing as well. I hope to become a children book illustrator and also hope to be part of a stop motion production one day."

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Kimi Weart


Kimi Weart, aka president and creative director for A Printable Press, is not only a designer but an artist as well. She's been working in the professional art world for about a million years. She lives in Brooklyn but also runs upstate to a cabin all the time. A true city/country girl.