Why Printable Press is going on long-term hiatus

Dear brides and grooms-to-be, 

I'm Kimi Weart, the owner and designer of Printable Press—and I am very sorry to say that we have to go on long-term hiatus beginning May 14th. We aren't sure about when we will be able to reopen, but if you sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the homepage you will be the first to know!

TMI warning: you are about to get Too Much Information. Only read on if hearing about people's health conditions does not make you cringe. I have a form of epilepsy, which has always been blessedly mild, and as manageable as a very well-trained puppy. But, like puppies, lifelong health conditions can shift and change on you with time. And sometimes finding a new solution can take an unforeseen amount of time. 

I’ve been captain at the wheel of Printable Press since I started it in 2009, working closely with other designers on an as-needed basis. It turns out that even when those other designers are fabulous (and they have been!), if I am unable to give my full attention to the business it simply isn’t able to meet the standards which I feel it must: beautiful design work, incredible attention to detail, and intimate customer service.

I know it can feel silly, obsessing over paper ephemera, these little bits of paper for heaven’s sake. But I get it. Your wedding stationery is when you get to say, “We’re getting married!” But it’s also your moment to choose a design that shouts, “And we’re still the same whimsical and unique people we’ve always been!”

We are working hard on finding a replacement for me, someone who can do a fantastic job for you, so we can reopen. In the meantime I wish I didn’t have to disappoint those of you who have finally found their ideal stationery. But I can promise you this—no matter what stationery you end up with, no matter what flowers, tablecloths, or weather you get, if you are here because you love wild and fanciful design, you will always be a unique couple, you will always be you. Stay you.

With deepest thanks for all your years of support,

Kimi Weart

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May 02, 2018

I am a small business in Indiana, specializing in invitations and stationery. I always planned to retire after doing my own daughter’s invitations. Well, she is engaged now and planning a July 2019 wedding. I don’t carry any styles that she is crazy about and we both have fallen in love with your Spring Chinoiserie suite. I am heartsick for you and also for us after reading about your hiatus! If there is any chance that you reconsider, please let me know. Best of luck!

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