A retreat for art

photo of our "lawn" outside our cabin, by moi, Kimi Weart

Big announcement! We will be taking time off, from 10/1 to 11/15. Six weeks of pure dream-following and art-making. You know who made this possible? You. You, our lovely, warm, delightful customers, who believe in beauty. You, you amazing, funny, art-loving people, have enabled us to give ourselves the incredible gift of time, to follow inspiration wherever it may lead.

There are many things that are wonderful about being your own boss in the arts. You get to do the work you love, take long walks at random times, and cuddle with your pet. But, no matter what anyone thinks, it is also a job. You know how when you start a new job you get a measly week or two of vacation per year? But hopefully with each year you get more? Well, having been happily in business since 2009, I, Kimi, as the owner and designer, have decided we deserve an executive sabbatical.

We are a tiny team of two, but have been very very lucky with Printable Press. Even though in the past few years the wedding stationery market has EXPLODED with companies, many of them giant investor-backed ones, we have continued to be successful. Because of you, you warm and whimsical ones.

We thank you, dear readers, for making us successful enough to take this time for a journey in imagination. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing a tiny business for your special day. We thank you for being you. Keep on doing it. Upon our return I will let you know the things that happened, the things I drew and thought. Stay tuned for a November newsletter sharing the journey.

xoxo Kimi


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