Resizing Card
If you want your stationery at a different size from our standard we can accommodate certain new sizes for a fee of $25. Contact us to see if the custom size you want is possible.
Font Change
If you want to use different fonts you can choose any from our other designs, or from our font list here. We charge a $25 fee to make sure all your wording looks absolutely perfect in the new font.
Custom Colors
You can always choose colors from our free color chart here. But maybe you have a bridesmaid dress that you want your stationery to match, or a favorite flower—we can create a specific color to match as closely as possible, for a fee of $25. 
If you want to place text or a photo on the back of your stationery we can create a double-sided card for you for a fee of $25. We can even add design elements to your text or image!
Add a customization later
You can add a customization at any time, even after we have started designing your stationery. Just go here and specify your needs.