General Questions

Can you show me how my card will look before I order?
No—we only input your text and colors after the order is placed, because that's where all the work comes in. Every card we create for our customers is individually typeset by a professional designer to make sure that everything looks its best.   
Can my wording be different from the example?
Absolutely! We can fit quite a bit.    
Can I include menu choices on the rsvp card? 
Yes, and we have some food icons available as well, for no charge. Certain designs may need to be reconfigured to fit a lot of extra text, but we will handle all that for you.   
Do you print other people's designs?
No, we only print our own designs.    
Can my wording be in a different language?
It depends on the language. Some are easy, such as italian, spanish, and french. For others please contact us first to see what is possible.    
Do you ship overseas?
Yes we do—it is sent by Fedex International, which takes about 8-12 business days. See our shipping rates here   
Can I change the font?
Yes! See our Customizations page for more information.    
Do you do custom colors?
Yes indeed, see our Customizations page for more information.    
Can I buy a design first and order printing later?
Absolutely—go here to add printing and let us do the work for you.    
How can I order more cards?
Just go here to add printing and reference your original order in the Special Instructions text box.        
Can I use one of the wedding designs for a bridal shower or something else?
Absolutely—you can use any of the designs for any invitation you want. Just let us know the wording you would like to use.     
Do you do letterpress printing?
No, sorry. We can set some of our designs for other letterpress printers (just ask about your favorite design!), but we do not print in letterpress ourselves.   
Can I purchase an image alone?
Unfortunately we cannot sell an image separately from the invitation because there is always the possibility that someone could use it for their own design, or resell it. We know very few people would do that, but sadly it has happened! 
My stationery doesn't look like what I see on-screen, what happened?
All computer screens and printers are different so colors you see on-screen may not exactly match what you print out. When you receive your first proof test it out on your printer—if the colors don't look right let us know, and we will try to tweak the colors for your final PDF, though it may not be possible to exactly match your printouts with what you see on-screen.   
What if I've made a mistake and need to change something?
We include two free revisions with each order, so you have lots of opportunity to fix things. After formatting there is a fee of $20 for additional revisions. 
What if I want to cancel an order?
If you decide for any reason that you do not want your stationery, you can cancel your order within two business days for a full refund, minus a $15 processing fee. If you decide to cancel your order after receiving your first proof (but before printing) we can refund you the full amount minus a $100 design and processing fee. But after you’ve approved your final proofs we cannot offer a refund, as your cards will already be in process. Rush orders cannot be refunded as we start the process immediately! 
What if there are mistakes on my final cards?
Upon final approval of your proofs we cannot accept returns due to any errors (such as misspelled words etc.). By approving your final proof you accept responsibility for the information and layout as shown. Of course if we are the ones who have made a mistake AFTER your final approved proof, we will correct and reprint free of charge.