Guest Addressing

Want your guests to be wowed from the moment they open their mailboxes? Or not confident about your handwriting? Let us address your envelopes to match your invitation, using the same fonts and a hint of artwork. And this is no ordinary plug-and-play service. We go over all addresses carefully,manually tweaking them, to make sure each looks perfect.

At $1.45 per envelope it is about half what you would pay for a calligrapher. We offer them in multiples of 5—always order up so that you have a few you can hand-write in case of any last minute additions. Any spare envelopes will still come printed with your return address. You can go straight to ordering them here:


We will need your guest addresses in an Excel or Word table, formatted as follows. NOTE: Please use only three columns, and make sure there are no empty cells in your table. If you want an address to be more than three lines insert a slash ( / ) where you want a line break. You can download an Excel form here.

Column A, full names
Column B, street address (including apartment numbers)
Column C, city, state and zip code (with country for foreign guests)

1. Put the names all on one line (including Dr. & Mrs. etc) in column A. If you want names on two separate lines, such as a second line for children, just put a slash ( / ) between the two lines and we will drop it down for you.

2. It's best to put apartment numbers on the same line as the street name, with a comma in between. If you want it dropped down please put a slash ( / ) in between the street address and apartment number.

3. For international invitees please put a slash ( / ) between their address and the country. We will drop the country down to another line for you.