Printed Cards vs. DIY-Printables

Which one is right for you?
Our cards are printed with the highest quality digital printer on lovely thick paper, at surprisingly affordable prices. 100 Invitations with free envelopes are only $207, with all design work included. Order your free sample pack here!
We email you a customized electronic file (a PDF), and you print your stationery however you want—at home, at a copy shop, with a professional printer, or with an online service. The average price to print 100 invitations (including design fee, paper, envelopes and printing) is $150.
If you're not sure which you want you can always order a design first and add printing later—just go here>>.

Note: All computer monitors and printers are different, so we can't guarantee that your stationery will exactly match what you see on-screen. Plus, screens glow and are back-lit, so printed stationery will always be a little softer.

The most budget-friendly choice of all, and it can feel great to put a little diy into your event. It can cost as little as $120 for 100 invitations, including design fee, printing, paper and envelopes.
Make sure to test out your printer and cutting skills. Download these PDF samples to your desktop to test print. Make sure your printer is set to its highest quality setting, and to print same size (rather than "scale to fit").
For paper we recommend using card stock, or 80lb+ paper. The heavier the paper the more beautiful the stationery. Some popular options are Paper and MorePaper Source, and Cards and Pockets.
Printing at a copy shop is also very affordable. We set two per 8-1/2" x 11" paper with cropmarks, just like for printing at home.  Contact the copy shop to find out the heaviest paper they can handle, as the heavier the cardstock the more lovely the invitations. You should always test out a PDF on the paper of your choice.
Copy shops often have the option of cutting out your stationery for you. But make sure that you feel their cutting is accurate! It can vary greatly from shop to shop.
We can format invitations for many online printers. BUT, please note that some companies have different sizes than our standard cards, such as Vistaprint and certain Cards and Pockets options. One online printer that has sizes to match ours is (see their postcard sizes). Always check to see if their card sizes match ours. If they don't, you can always choose to get your files custom-sized for a small fee.
The benefit of using a local professional print shop is quality quality quality, which of course comes with a higher price. Contact print shops in your area and ask what their rates are—they can vary from being $1 per card to $4 or more.
Professional shops can print in a number of beautiful ways—digital, offset, metallic inks, engraving and thermography. Ask your printer about their options.
Some of our designs are printable in letterpress! Go here for the full list and our favorite letterpress printers.